Available to the community to help acquire the skills necessary to raise their standard of living. Konnect2Kidz offers short-term intensive training sessions designed to provide motivated re-entry students with the specific English, Math, and  computer skills required to graduate high school. Post-GED classes will also be offered to assist students who aim to gain admission into advanced educational training, including junior colleges, technical colleges and full-time four year programs. Instructions and supervision will be provided in obtaining loans, grants, scholarships, and other financial aid assistance.


Konnect2Kidz provides training on the use of office programs such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word and more. The ability to utilize a computer is an essential component in today’s workforce. Students can develop their skills with experienced instructors and classroom equipment.


Konnect2Kidz offers mentoring programs for all ages to encourage and motivate children to do their best despite their circumstances. We strive to give them the tools to cope with whatever challenges they face. We provide love, support, guidance and the skills necessary to become productive citizens. It is our hope that by receiving this guidance, they will… “Know better, Do better”.


A team of community liaison professionals assemble to work directly with local companies, corporations, and small businesses to provide potential work opportunities for program students ready to enter the workforce. Konnect2Kidz partners with local companies to act as a medium between newly accomplished professionals and  the companies they are looking for.