innovative pathways to foster the intellectual, physical and moral well-being of children in all phases of home, school and community life.

empowered parents through information, mentoring and networking.


a robust community of champions to contribute leading edge resources, training and support for educators.


the Konnect Center as a premier learning center providing innovative personal development, family empowerment and enhancement of pivotal community systems.



is dedicated to offering services, support and resources that empower youth and educate families. The programs and assistance made available by Konnect2Kidz encourage leadership, promote positive decision making, and focus on skills that create effective members of society. We are committed to making a difference —starting with our children and their families.


strives to offer services that increase the standard of living and reduce any hardship for youth and families. Our organization is designed to build better communities one family at a time. Our goal is to encourage and mold minds through knowledge, experience and skills. We provide opportunities to explore, create and build leadership, interests and personal skills to last a lifetime.




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