As the founder, “I have always believed that everyone deserves the opportunity to maximize their potential.”  It is our responsibility as leaders to espond to the fallen ct on one’s desire to do better and nlighten those who have lost their way. My overall effort is to be a of hope to our community”.  My passion is to build better communities one family at a time.  As an educator, I know there is crucial need to create educationally enriched environments to promote higher success rates.  


In response to this need, Konnect 2 Kidz, was driven to take action to help equip parents and early childhood educators with resources and accelerated training to develop higher quality early learning environments.  As a result, we publicly announced our plans to build the “Konnect Center”.


The “” is an Educational Resource Center that will provide innovative scholastic development opportunities for students of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, aimed towards closing the educational gaps before they start.

I believe, “The Konnect Center will provide a pathway that will bridge an educational and preparation gap by making early learning investments in initiatives aimed at raising the quality of early childhood education programs, empowering parents with information about the quality of childcare programs, and providing increased financial and resource support for the childcare workforce.”.





LaTosha Davis Johnson,
Konnect 2 Kidz



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